Shade Club holds a Private Club Permit and has been serving alcoholic beverages to members since May 4th, 2004.

Questions often asked about the Private Club Permit:

    What is Shade Club?
    Shade Club is a non-profit organization made up of a group of people who have come together and organized a private club to be served an alcoholic beverage on the premises of Shade while they dine.
    How much is a membership to join Shade Club?
    There is no charge for a membership to join Shade Club.
    Does Shade Club just serve wine and beer or does it also be serve mixed drinks?
    Shade Club provides its members mixed drinks and beer along with a well thought out, value-driven wine list.
    Can I bring in alcohol to Shade?
    No. Because Shade Club serves mixed drinks along with wine and beer, you will not be allowed to bring in any alcohol that has not been purchased by Shade Club through a licensed distributor of the State of Texas. This is state law and is applicable to any business that sells or provides mixed drinks.
    Is there an expiration date for my membership to Shade Club?



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